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  1. I guess Max was just sleeping on the ice for those 7 minutes.
  2. Time for a circle jerk? :surprise:
  3. You can argue there wasn't any intent for sure, but I think a telling piece happened after the play with Chara's reaction. Not a glance back at all. Anyhow fuck you NHL!! Norm MacDonald after the OJ Simpson verdict: "Well, it's official: Murder is legal in the state of California"
  4. What time is the circle jerk in Booche's basement tonight?
  5. $100? That's 100 grill cheese brah!
  6. Tony's not sensitive enough for you, we get it.
  7. Oops, forgot the purple. Shitty news though. Tony had this story before it happened!
  8. I'm going to wait for confirmation on this
  9. All good buddy, lasered up and ready to roll
  10. Sounds like the worst news possible for markov, contract year so this is probably it. Ferfucksakes.
  11. MattyC

    NFL 2010

    I'll pvr all media this week to avoid this sort of thing in the future.
  12. MattyC

    NFL 2010

    Most of you probably caught this yesterday.
  13. Coke head or crack baby; take your pick. :grin:
  14. Price is just hungover from the Quebec team building rippers. He'll be fine.
  15. Is that Mats Sundin on the right? and this is totally an opium blaster.
  16. WEP can be busted now in seconds. I would go all the way to WPA2. Apparently WPA2 AES is best according to this.
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