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  1. Woohoo! Party weekend outside of Toronto! I can't wait to get out of the city
  2. It's basically an accoustic jam... feels kinda like your sitting around in a good friend's living room
  3. Hope to see you folks down at the Gypsy Co-op tonight (Queen west at Bellwoods) for some fun tunes and good times. Music gets underway at 10!
  4. I'll be seeing you there cowboy *grin*
  5. You will definitely see me there girl! Oh yeah, as far as the house goes, we'll be looking for someone to fill in as early as a few weeks from now!! Eeeeep!
  6. Just wondering if anyone out there will be looking for a place in Toronto in the near future. We still need to have a few 'family' discussions about what's happening in the house but I'm curious to know who might be out there looking (we may need to fill a couple of spots). The house is at Bloor and Ossington and is four floors with two kitchens and two bathrooms. There are five of us living here but everyone has their own space because the house is wonderfully large. There's also a backyard (where we're going to start a garden soon), laundry and a jam space in the basement. Let me know! heidi
  7. Oh no dude! I didn't post a reminder but I guess I also didn't post a 'don't come tonight' blurb either. Derek took his employees out for a night on the town on Monday but it'll be back to rights this Monday night. I'm so sorry... most of the regulars knew :crazy:
  8. Ahhh, Wiser's... always knew there was something I like about you Greg! lol You were one of the first jam type people I met in Ontario and I'm greatful to you for taking me under your wing. You're one of my favourites boy We should definitely keep in touch more!
  9. Now that I've got a backpack style gig bag for my sax I'm a lot more portable. I may slip into the Orbit room to catch a little Sisters and then hop on my bike to head down to the Gypsy... we'll see. I've still never been to the Orbit room and have never seen Sisters Euclid so this may be the night to check it out!
  10. Hey there cats and kittens, another Monday is upon us and that means accoustic jam night at the Gypsy Co-op. Music starts at 10
  11. I think I'll actually have to go early on Sunday to do it 'cause I have to take my cat to the vet on Saturday :crazy: Hope to se eyou guys there!
  12. So it's us, Mark Wilson, you (Jay) and Mark, Cape Feff and Solstice?
  13. Hey skanks! The Super Cities Walk for MS is coming up this Sunday so I'm putting out a last request for pledges. If you would like, you can make a donation online by clicking here , choosing "Pledge A Walker" and searching for Heidi Bryden or you can let me know that you'd like to pledge and I can collect any donations from you later (I've got another month to collect). Thanks to those of you who've donated already and to those of you who have taken the time to read my post. Remember, I'll bet every one of you knows at least one person who's been affected by MS so you'll be helping out more than just me!
  14. How about some kick arse theme party suggestions?
  15. If your Monday's got you down (of even if it hasn't) come on down to the Gypsy Co-op this evening to relax with some free music, good people, $3 Canadian and a vibe like your best friend's living room! Music starts at 10:00. Bring an instrument if you like, play something that's there or just sit back and listen.
  16. Well, you can check out our much-in-need-of-updating website... www.wisermusic.com ::
  17. Actually Dave, someone will be recording it I'll fix you up with a smooth glass o' Wiser's at a later date.
  18. Wiser will be playing with Canary Mine and Tom Glenne 5.5 on Friday night at Third Floor Riley's (Yonge and Elm). I've actually never heard the other two bands but Wiser is first on the bill and early - a good way to start off the night, even if you don't want to stick around for the other bands We'll be kicking off around 9:30 for about an hour long set. Hope to see some of your frindly, smiling faces for some groovin' tunes! ::
  19. I've got a buddy who's currently doing some recording in Hungary but is very big on the acid jazz scene. He's a bass player and hopefully I'll be able to talk him into coming out to the next Moment!
  20. I'll be holding my breath buddy bear!
  21. aromatherapy


    I've got a feeling most of the girls on this board agree that bearded boys are fantastic. Needless to say I enjoy a good wook
  22. Thanks girls! It's so great to see how many people are already aware of this and even better to know that there are people willing to support. And all I need from you Bob is good vibes (which I get anyway) ::
  23. That's sweet Maybe we can walk together!
  24. Remember guys, a donation doesn't have to be huge... every bit helps!
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