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i wish...


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.... that i could give you all a coke.

i also wish that i had fins, so everytime there was danger, I'd just jump in the nearest body of water..

thirdly, i wish i could dance like sammy davis jr.. he was all class, except for his cock-eye.

fourthly, i wish i could eat hotdogs everyday.

fifthly, i wish i could sing, (and shred!!) like sammy Hagar.

what do you wish? confused.gif" border="0

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I wish all of you were coming with me to London when I go to school so I wouldn't miss a show with the best people in Ottawa there.

I wish i had a pound of hash and a new bass rig.

I wish I knew anyone in London that was into jam bands and improvised music.

I wish I knew where to find great live music in London.

I wish I could find furnishings for an apartment at rock bottom prices.

I wish I was getting a lap dance right now.

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