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Bobby and Steve Miller......


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and Mickey Fuck Nuts played at the celebration of Nancy Pelosi's election to Minority Whip. Looks like someone else has uploaded pictures to the Net of a 'private function'. Bobby Weir is said to have loved the idea of this "inter-twiney thing"

Rumour has it that Jason Colton is REALLY pissed off now, he thinks his wedding is already forgotten!



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wrong you are young Padawan,

Traffic was the opener in 94

I am guessing you are thinking about 92

PoG was there too.

The only show I lost my ticket stub for was my first one 03-22-90


BUT BOY, did PoG hook me up with a poster/ad for those shows, one of the best things anyone has ever given me ever.........evermore

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I'll post the quote again, just for PEIpunk

"If someone doesn't want to play with you, you don't play with them. We have no fight with him; he's sort of at odds with himself. I think that liver transplant didn't go so well. He might have gotten the liver of a jerk."

Incidentally, I did a search in the forums for "liver". Holy crap, did that ever return alot of hits. It seems like every monday, someone is complaining about their liver.

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Speaking of gin and Juice, I was at the Brass in Kingston a few weekends ago. I asked the idiot in the dj booth if he had any Phish on hand. I'd heard them play DWD before in there.

He replied..."Aww crap. My disc with phish is at my girlfriends."

me: "what's on it?"

putz: "I just have the one song....Gin and Juice"

me: "I see. You know how to use the internet then. That isn't Phish you know."

putz: "Of course it is. that's what the fiel was CALLED"

It was quite an engaging converstation.

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I would have engaged him with a punch in the noggin'

mmmm, drunken brawls

Oh yeah Grum, that was a WICKED storm that came out of nowhere, VERY close to me losing my shit as the sidney krept up and down my spine.

It was in the 90's during the day, hot hot sun and we werent prepared when that cold wind blew in

The Dead saved me though as I kept repeating the lines over and over in my head

"Rain, rain rain, raaaaaaiiiin. I dont mind"

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Thanks for clearing that up about Mickey, I was quite curious. What a dumbass thing to say!! On a sidenote, we used to do Gin n' Juice the way the Gourds do it. Ridiculous how many people thought that was Phish! Anyway, James would dial up a banjo sound on his synth and away we would go, mainly as an encore on the super drunk nights. The novelty quickly wore off....

Take care of your shoes....

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