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youth hockey madness this weekend


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so i co-coach a pee wee A team in oakland. the other coach is also from canada, from edmonton, he played junior in the Alberta junior league, i played in college for 2 years. we started coaching to bring a little canadian spirit to the kids in cali and to get free league time. the team sucked for the first month, then won a tourney in vegas, and our tourney over presidents day.

lately tho, we have been getting hosed repetedly by bad refing. on sunday am, the other coach got a game misconduct, and three parents got kicked out of the rink. i just found out i got suspended because "i did not control my team's fans"

what sorta b.s. is that... the league wants me to go before a committee or face suspension for the rest of the year (1 month) we are already out of the playoffs so i have a reason to tell them to f*ck right off. but if they boot me, and the other coach then we are screwed as a team.

the kids hve improved a lot as individuals and as a team, and really got off on the other team yesterday. i feel like i'd be abandoning them, and disappointing the head of our youth hockey program, who is also a quebecker.

any advice ??

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I would go before the board and present your case.Surely you can't be responsible for controllong the fans!!

How could you control them anyway?If the ref can't take the heat,he should get off the ice.

You're responsibility is to coach the kids,not babysit the parents.They should know better.

Why should the kid's lose you for the rest of the season because the parents can't control themselves.

Do it for the kids!!


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Take one for the team, go to the hearing. By this, I figure you are teaching the kids that sport is certainly not fair most of the time and they are also getting a lesson that life isnt fair either.

Holding you accountable for fan's reactions is a "crock of crap" as Gretz would say. If they boot you, they boot you but you certainly dont want to show the kids a 'wrong lesson'. By going to the commitee, the kids should clearly see that there is no "i" in team. I figure you are doing it in their best interests and it will be a short-term pain.

Do you still want to coach them next year?

If you want to teach the a lesson in "old-time hockey" than skip the commitee, get drunk at the next game, get a quadruple game misconduct, beat up the other coach and pass out in your truck in the parking lot when it is all over!

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that is a good idea about drinking before the game... the league is screwed here in NorCal. after the junta incident (the hockey dad in mass)norcal told the coaches that they are responsible for fans.

it was funny as hell to see the parents lose it tho. one guy is the head of internal meds at the local hospital...

the other guy is a CFO of a major east bay corporation.

the one thing is the parents will definatley write letters to norcal and cause shit for the refs.

but it was sooo obvious that the refs we have had in the last 3 or 4 games have not played hockey their whole lives, it's just sad, and not fair for the kids.

i will probably go the the hearing, just because i want to still get the free ice time this summer.

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