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Patrick Oxley update


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Hi People.

I thought I would write a little bit on the latest developments regarding the Chatham man who needed to raise funds for a bone morrow transplant.

If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about, you can read the past posts here:

past messages

So, the doctor raised the price from $160,000 to $220,000 to perform the transplant. I'm not sure why. The family decided they would raise the extra cash by mortgaging their home. This proved to not be necessary.

Nearly $250,000 was raised! I found that to be very impressive.

Patrick's transplant is scheduled for April 1st. There is 10% chance that he will be cured.

The doctor who is doing the procedure is Dr. Caroline Hamm, a Canadian trained oncologist who lives in Wheatly, ON and practices in Detroit.

There was $145 raised from this board, which is fantastic. I took that money and, along with a print out of the original post of mine, put it in an envelop and sent it to the Oxley family. I'm sure they appreciated it dearly.

Thanks for everyone's support.

Have a great day!


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Thanks Bouche.

You didn't really KNOW that there is such a low chance of a cure?

Yeah, I was very surprised when I read that. I guess that is the reason they refused to do the transplant it in Canada. They do not give any priority to something that is so risky.

However, if I had a 10% chance of surviving after an operation, and a 0% chance if I didn't get the operation, I think it would be insane not to go through with it.



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that's true...but that's not the only way to get cured of cancer. I hope it works for the guy...

if you don't think that's possible then you believe things people tell you regardless of the truth and if that's the case, it would be in your best interests to give me all of your money.

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Patrick Oxley, the 24 year-old Chatham native who underwent a bone marrow transplant in April, after more than $315,000 was raised by the community, has died.

He passed away Saturday (May 11th) at 6:30 am at Harper Hospital in Detroit where he has been since the April 1 operation.

Gail Oxley (aunt): "He fought so hard but sometimes you just can't fight anymore."

"He had so many drugs shoved in him, your body can only take so much."

She said Patrick's blood pressure and sugar level dropped substantially and "it was his heart that gave out."

Patrick's wife, Michelle, is expecting the couple's first child this summer.

Many of us know someone like Patrick, a bright, energetic young man starting a family and embarking on the great promise that is life's journey. He showed courage in fighting an illness which appeared suddenly and turned his life upside down.

May You Rest in Peace, Patrick.

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