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Andre Williams review..


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"coked up"?!?

Possible, but personally, I wouldn't stick my head out that far in a review without something more substantial than one woman's guess.

Oh well, I guess he can be offensive to those whose political correctness takes a front and centre roll in their lives.

So much for thinking outside the, ahem, box.

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geez maybe I should'nt have served him that raw pizza at 5am before he went to sleep the morning before.

O well Andre has been kicking ass long before any "chartAttack" has attempted to snub him so I am sure he is doing something right!!!

Actually it is more likely a sign that he is doing something right!

And the band is the STRAP(not Straps) and I can guarantee that they can hold their own(and more) well Andre changes his atire and takes a swig of rum in the back room.

That's just little sister kicking some Ass for the boys


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