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Oh my good god!


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I had such a wicked time tonght! I met so many incredible people. Aside from a couple of idiots ("Don't touch MY F#@%ING ASS"...Marsha saw that one...I grabbed my free beer and ran.) I was right up front with Axl and Slash...what a rush! I met a really cool girl....Amy. Her friends were a blast...I can't remember their names though! Go figure...

So..the encore...there I am...with my back to the stage and facing Axl (you figure it out!) and all of a sudden, I am surrounded by blond hair! And I feel a warmness on my cheek. And I thought that I was a superstar last weekend!

Aside from a few idiots, the people there were very respectable. I had a wonderful time!

My eyes are burning and my head is spinning... I need to listen to 1 more song and then go to bed.

Booche....I hope that you had as wonderful a night as I did! I miss you, and I wish that you were there tonight with me. Next time???

Goodnight folks

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Good Morning Sally girl! I just rolled out of bed, which is something spectacular for me to sleep in this late. I too had a blast last night. The band was wicked and covered GNR VERY well, but that of course was not exactly why we were there. The booze were good and the venue gives license for debauchery (done your beer? Throw the bottle on the ground..it's okay! By the end of the night the dance floor was covered in glass pieces. [Roll Eyes] )

I missed our peace-loving, respectful hippy boys last night. I had forgotten what the average bar crowd is like. MEAT F*CKING MARKET!!! I almost drop-kicked two guys for there losy and tastless approach to talking to me.

Guy 1 (a.k.a THE ASSHOLE) Walks up to me and without letting me get a word in edge-wise says "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. But you know that don't you? You hear that all the time don't you, you bitch? So fucking sad. So sad." He walks away shaking his head and continues throughout the night to look at me with shame and disgust. Nice approach LOOSER!!!

Guy 2 (a.k.a THE SHORT DWEEB) Walks up to me and says "Do you want to dance with me?" to which I reply politely no thanks. He pushes me up to the front of the stage, stands behind me, grabs both my arms and starts flailing them as though I was a fucking barbie dall for him to play with. I turn around and snatch my arms back and race to the other side of the stage, leaving him doll-less and his friends laughing. Don't fucking touch me!!!

Aside from the jerks I had a wonderful time with my girls. You are all so wonderful, so beautiful and so much fun. I was completely worn out.

Glad to hear you made it home okay Sally. You can handle the shots like no one's business. [big Grin] And we tried to floor you. We really tried.

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It took me so long last night to write that post! Every key-stroke was so very painful.

I have been listening to GN'R all afternoon! I want to go back tonight!

Ok, so the band...

I would have liked to see more action from Slash, but Axl was killer! I've got some great pics to put up...coming soon

I have no idea in what order these were played, but these are the songs that I remember from last night:

- Mr. Brownstone

- Welcome to the Jungle

- Use to Love Her

- Patience

- Sweet Child O' Mine

- Don't Cry

- Civil War (???)

- You Could Be Mine

What else was there girls?

Yes, Mrs. H, the guys were not very friendly. I had this one guy that just kept pushing me from behind. I finally just asked him what his fucking problem was. He wouldn't even respond! Finally, I just told him to fuck off and let us enjoy the show. There were some other cheesy lines used, to which I would ever so politely respond to with "You have go to be fucking kidding me. Away. Go away."

Favorite moment:

Crystal: "This is my friend, Lynn. She's getting married. Can she have a kiss?"

Axl was such a whore for the camera! He was loving it, as was I.

Booche...you have noooooo idea how much I love that camera! She's been soiled now! Dirty, dirty camera!

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