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Hard Rock Huxtable?


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BUSTED!! Huxtable goes political...it's true...

We're playing a function for the Liberal MP's Assistants at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight, playing sometime between 6-9....

$15, includes a free drink, appetizer type food, draws...and US!

Didn't really publicize it as don't want to detract from upcoming show(s) at Dekcuf and stuff...but if anyone wants to go, you can get a ticket at the door, but again, this is a political type event, so consider yourselves warned!! [smile][smile]

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Kurisuta and I will both be there with our corporate "gorilla suits" on (as Kurisuta so eloquently puts it). A 6:00 start time doesn't leave a girl any time to change into her party clothes. My alter-ego finally makes her appearance!

Bring on the political jargon and debates!



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"I Crashed A Party" -or- "Red Shoe Diaries"

OK, Dr. H is playing a private Liberal Party Christmas thing, but he's said it's OK for the roused rabble to join the hoi and polloi for the festivities...what to wear, what to wear...Tie? Stuff the red wool one in a pocket, it might pass in a pinch on top of the denim shirt. Shoes? Well, it's a Liberal event, so only the red Chuck Taylors will suffice...

I get to the Hard Rock, wondering what the entry procedure will be. There's a "Closed - Private Party" sign on the door, but I barge on through and head to the front desk, expecting to have to do a "I'm with the band" song-and-dance...nope. "Hi. I don't have a ticket yet..." "OK, it's fifteen dollars." I forked over the cash, and got a drink ticket and a prize ticket. No muss, no fuss, no questions asked.

I checked in with the Huxtables and started setting up. bouche had the video camera on a tripod next to a pillar, so break out the masking tape and get the mics up as high as I can reach. Finish my coffee, then get a drink...aaahhhhh....

Talking to Cheech, he says he has his minidisc recorder with him. "You want a patch? I've got the cables." Next thing I know, I've achieved yet another station of taping: giving somebody else a patch.

Buttons are pressed, switches are flipped, batteries are changed, and the band starts. Right off the bat, we're in Fun Land. It's an interesting experience here at the juncture between jambandfan and Mr. City-wide-suit-and-tied; this is the best-dressed Dr. Huxtable crowd (or jamband crowd) I've ever seen. Not much dance room in front of the band, but those standing against the bar are digging it. Friendly and attentive waitrons circulate, delivering deep-fried and sauce-laden sustenance; a bruschetta with greatness.

Usual solid mix of Huxtable origables and covers; a break at around an hour for drawing prizes (pretty good drawings, too; they looked just like the real thing...), changing discs, assaulting batteries.


Originally said by dave-O:

It's all about the second set.

The Doc said he was gonna break out the funk...gotta have that funk. Those white boys played that funky music; the street was shaking down...and the tape was running out...we hit the end of the street, so I changed lanes and plugged straight into the minidisc...a weight off my shoulders. Flying high, digging down. The disc ran out before the end, but no matter: we got most of it.

Teardown, chaotic maelstrom in the rig bag...quick step outside for some air...quicker step inside for some beer, then on home...wait, it's 10:45pm...and the show's over? Were this coloured in apolitical hues, first set wouldn't have started yet...stumble through the Rideau Centre, onto the bridge ("The bridge / The bridge / I'm just tryin' to find the bridge..."), O, Come Transpo! Several silent beseeches later, I'm rolling home. Hey, it's still early, maybe I'll get a decent amount of post-show sleep...



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Thanks for the review Brad. And thanks so much for coming. It was great to see a familiar face or three (Thanks Kitari and Kumasutra (okay, I know that isn't your logon name, but I am too lazy to look for a post to find it. You know who you are [Wink] )).

I had fun last night. Always great to play for a new crowd. It was fun to have Chris' daughter on stage playing with us too...


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Nice post Brad! - you forgot to mention the new RO parking lot though [Wink]

That was a pretty damn fun night!!....it was so rad to be playing a solo and look up and see a Carlos Santana guitar, so knarly to glance to the right to see a Bob Weir acoustic....inspiration move me brightly indeed!

Thanks to Kitari, Kumasutra, MoonBeam and of course bradm for braving the politico scene....and of course Chris and MoonBeam's daughter Camille for rocking out with Peter on percussion and drums for most of the show, we may have witnessed the birth of a new musician last night!!

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Thanks for the fun evening, everyone. Great tunes, great company, and I was asleep by 1215am. [smile] It's been a while since I've seen that many black suits in one place. Every time I think of the Liberal cactus, I giggle. [big Grin]

Hey Phred, it's Kurisuta. It's my name in Japanese. However, there are many worse things to be called than Kumasutra, so that'll do just fine [Wink]

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I had a fabulous time last night. Despite Ms. Hux feeling under the weather - you guys were really on. I especially loved "Dear Prudence" (as always).

I must say, your new percussionist had so much flair and enthusiasm, you should keep her for sure! Aside from adding a definite "cute-factor" she had the spirit pumping out of every little pore! Her parents have taught her well the ways of the jam!

I have to say my favourite part of the night was the after-show music lesson with Dr. Hux and Peter! Dana proved to be a protege with the sticks while I learned the joy of just making loud, horrible noises!

Thanks again for another great show Hux's! You guys never let us down - even when surrounded by monkey suits who were eagerly awaiting DJ Frank!!!


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