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Thanks For The Birthday Weekend, Ottawa Folks!


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I had a great time in Ottawa this past weekend. Thanks for the great food, lodgings, and birthday gifts Douglas and Booche. Thanks to everyone involved. I got really spoiled. Thanks to ( sorry if I forgot anyone/ I'm still drunk ) - Lowroller ( the MMJ 2004 concert really smokes ), Davey Boy ( thanks for the CDs ), Bouche ( I love those V-DVD's ), Ms Hux ( I want one of your paintings ), Hux ( great house and thanks for the jam ), Freeker, Catfish ( peanutbutter ), Willy ( Thanks for the booze. Booche said it really hit the spot :: ), Sloth, Velvet, DaveO, etc...

I had a great time at 40 Main too, and I really enjoyed busting the high E-string on Bouche's Stat.

Thanks again!

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Always good to meet people in what passes for real life here in Ottawa. I had a blast jamming with you, too: I was tearing down my gear to pack it up and head home, but you were laying down a pretty sick groove, and I just had to hook it all up again and join in.



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Actually, I left the glasses at Freeker's place. Girlfriend Vicki forgot to bring them. Thankfully they weren't lost in the cab ( which is what I thought happened to them )Booche will have to get them to me somehow. The beer is replacable, but I want those glasses!! Thanks again for the gift.

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Yeah, that was some deliriously good times. Great seeing you Willy and Leanne!

Jaimoe, tons of fun and some fantastic jamming at 40 Main. You were in total rock-star mode. Thanks to the 40 Main boys for once again, allowing us to invade and conquer. Thanks to Trevor and Corey for allowing us to piss off the neighours. All around, thanks to all you idiots that made this a great visit for Dave and Vic, I am sure that wont be the last we see of them in Ottawa. Fug, I am duuumb today.

(Jaimoe, 5.1........how did I go without it before? That was sheer idiocy and laziness on my part.)

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