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BNB in Brantford who's going?


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get off on king george rd, (possibly called the cambridge exit??) take a left on king george rd all the way down, around the bend by the cemetary, the road turns into st paul ave. go straight on st pauls then turn left at the hospital (left hand side). onto terrace hill street, go straight down to the bottom. till you hit another cemetary, turn right, go around the bend (left, not straight) and your on market. alexanders is on the left. its a big old shitty looking bar with flashing lights. you cant miss it.

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Okay, so I was totally planning on going.... but then I had to go wtch my cousin get her septum pierced. I don't do well with needles, but I thought I would be strong and hold her hand. So it ends up I fainted and smashed my head on the floor and have a concussion. So I didn't come out. Oh well, after I get back in June, i'll be around all summer.


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I'm at work, just getting my bearings back. Lots of great people last night!!! Not incredibely packed, but the people that were there were always smiling and having a great time!

The band played two sets, filled with 60% new/40% old songs. The new songs are way more mature and less jammy, and the old tunes are just absolutely kickin. The band played very well, despite the small crowd.

here is the setlist, as I can remember:

1: The Bench, St Andrews, Fresco, Lost & Lonely, New Song, Chevron

2. By The Door, In The Belly, New Bluesgrass Tune, New Wilco-ish Tune, L

e: Don't Do It, They Love Eachother

missing a bunch, but that's all I remember.

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