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Sorry to be posting this to the board ...

Rob Not Bob

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... but this seemed to be the best way to get a hold of everyone.

To the folks from the board who have been invited to my birthday party (Hux, Bouche, Ms. Hux, Booche, Pootie Tang, bradm, Phred, Sloth, Velvet) this Saturday, May 8 ... anybody else can ignore this whole thread ...

Having chatted with some of you at the Contact/Jomomma show this past weekend, it's clear that several of you didn't even get the invitation, which just shows that I don't have up to date e-mail addresses for you ... sorry for the confusion. If you folks could let me know your status for the party, which is at our place this Saturday, May 8, starting around 8ish , it would be greatly appreciated. Whether you're abailable, unavailable, or don't know, it's all cool, just please e-mail or private message me so that we have some idea of how many people are going to be there. Sorry for it now being so last minute and having to post this on the board, but as I said it wasn't until I was at the show this past weekend that I discovered how many people I had invited didn't even know about the party.

Ollie, you are exempt from this post because you and Christine have already replied :)



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I'm iffy, as I am heading to a cabin for a bit - I'm not sure if I'll be back Saturday or Sunday, but if I'm back Saturday, I'm there. Um, where is it?

And what's this about pre-party Works?!?!? Let Me Know!

The party is at 426 Cote (technically 426 Pie XII, if you are going by mapquest) , Cote is off St. Laurent North, between Montreal and McArthur .... we are Apt. 3, which means upstairs.


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