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Jurassic 5 tonite?


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Jurassic kicked some serious ass. I scored a free ticket about an hour before the show. Man, some serious ass. Tuna is my new hero. They only had one MC but it still was hot.

My 1st time at kool haus (only took a year and a half of living in toronto) - i agree with all of you that say the place could use some work. What's up with serving cans of beer?


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yes this show was the bomb. These guys kick ass. even if you're not really into hip hop they'll make you wave that hand in the air. I love how they don't rap about bitches and ho's or bling bling, they got some really cool things to say. And they can freestyle like a muddaf*%cker. These guys are the jamband of hip hop(wink wink).

Cutchemist wasn't there, so they only had one DJ(numark) but all 4 MC were there. I've seen these guys 4 times now and they never disappoint.

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