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a thing about Zedonk..


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or rather, the opener, Breakline, more specifically...

smoke a joint(optional, but i bet it helps), put on some headphones, and go walkin around a busy subway/train station, a downtown core, or any heavily populated area in general, where you gotta bob and weave through people... makes ya feel like you're on a mission of some sort.. and that's a pretty cool feeling now and then.

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I really love the lemondust. Tungsten's impression on the track just blows my mind. It's like slowly entering orbit and kabam! Re-ntry and you're on your way home.

That is my FAVORITE track on the disc. I absolutely love it.

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lemondust is actually my favourite track on the disc, too... i just really dig breakline for its mission-like qualities.

i've been curious as to the omission of Darius, though... that being my favourite tune i've been hearing them do live, lately.

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Darius wasn't ommitted consciously, when we were doing the bed tracks Jay got sick as hell, then gave it to me....killing a few days of studio time. Nasty full on 103 fever crazy dreams can't walk tylenol doing nothing fucked up sick...unfortunately Darius was unfinished at this point.

anyways, the whole thing had something to do with shit in the eye according to his doctor...

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the whole cd is great....


Lemondust is incredible......absolutely mindblowing....

a favorite of mine is Crabwalk....

the part where dave first starts using that "effect" with the guitar....you know what i am talking about right?

sounds like The last underwater level in Sonic The Hedgehog.....

listen to it, and you might know what i am talkin about.

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