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just got back from SUMMERCAMP music fest...TORNADO

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so just got back from a very dissapointing, but still halariously crazy time at SUMMERCAMP music fest....

the first day was great....first off, let me say, summer camp has the nicest camp grounds i have seen at a fest yet...... its totally wooded!!

the main stage area was basicaly just a clearling in the forest, so the bands basically play in the middle of the forest totally surrounded by trees....very cool....

the first day i caught some great bands (the best band i saw that was new to me was TEA LEAF GREEN, and i must say, they are very impressive....) saw about half hour of a pretty dry Particle set...... then relaxed during umphrey's....got down hard for an great MMW set, and then moe. put on a pretty solid closer of the main stage. The show wasn't anything special, just a solid moe. set.

After moe.'s set, i went over to the barn an caught about 2 hours of Leftover Salmon, and although I was pretty beat , I enjoyed what I saw.

Woke up at about 6am to probably one of the heavest storms I have ever seen. Left the tent to find that our canopy had been rapped around an oak tree. The storm passed at around 11, and the weather was great.

Ate some breakfast,and went to the Bass workshop held by Otiel Burbridge. Wow, what a treat....he just stood there with his bass, and answered questions like "play us your favorite bassline". AFter that, Al from moe. and the guitarist from Umphrey's held their own workshop, but i ducked out early to go catch Charlie Hunter.......thats went it all went to shit.

The alarms were sounded, and everyone was told to pack up their shit in the car, and leave. We didn't make it in time, and by the time the Tornado hit, we were all loaded into the barn, and had to wait it out for about 3 hours........ after the crazyness of the tornado, the stages were ripped to peices, pool tables were thrown around, tents were all over the place.....the fest was in pretty rough shape........

everything was cancelled other then the Umphrey's Late night.....

umphrey's rocked hard, and Rob, Al, vinne, and jim all took their turns jamming with em........overall, a cool experience , but i wish I would have caught more music....

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I was reading about the tornado on another site,freaking funnels right above ya's all I read.Crazy shit.

Here's a post from another Summer Camp thread on another board...

Just got a call from my girl....this is what I heard...Charlie Hunter was setting up, just about ready to play, talking to the crowd, the announcment was made that he coulnt play and everybody needed to leave right now, some people werent even allowed to pack up, I guess the main stage lost power and all. People went to hotels and things in the area (which is where she called me from) she said the music will continue tommarow morning around 10:30ish, with 4 more bands, I'm guessing Charlie Hunter, Keller, Moe. and? Umphrey's maybe? I'm not sure on the whole line up. But ya, she said there was funnel clouds right above them while they were leaving the place, said she thought it was over
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on our way to CTMF they warned of tornado warnings in the area

disturbingly I was actually kind of hoping for one (after the music of course)... not for destruction or anything just a morbid curiousity... guess if there were to be a tornado I'd want it to be during the day so you could see it better... damn trippy having everything whippin round in the pitch black

very glad you and the rest weren't hurt, can always buy a new tent

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