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Come see Comfort Station june 24 Dekcuf


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Guest Low Roller

So you're going up against Herbie Hancock at the Jazzfest? I hope you're trying to draw the after-show people rather than play directly against them.

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Shit, I forgot about Herbie Hancock, I was actually planning to see him, he's on at 8:30 till 10 pm latest probably, so that still is ok, just means this can be a good after Herbie show. I think The Station will be on quite a bit later, hopefully 11pm, I gotta confirm.

The other 2 bands playing are from outta town, Wax Mannequin is the self proclaimed king of Indie, website is: Here , he's actually pretty interesting to see, if not hear, I think Velvet would really like this guys show. The other band 'The Bronze' I'm not sure on what their gig is, I gotta do some digging.

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"I haven't seen that episode of TPB I don't think Booche?? "

How am I supposed to know?

Seriously, its the one where Lahey and Sam (that greasy bastard) are vying for the position of Trailer Park Supervisor. They decide to have a debate/speech-off while a local tv station televises it. Ricky and Julian dont want Sam (that greasy bastard) to win, so they pile a bunch of zoom zooms into him. By the time he is set to deliver his campaign promises, he is flying he, and that is where my quote (played with, obviously) originates.

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Wax Mannequin (Chris) is a good guy, has toured across Canada a few times the old fashioned way playin everywhere from festivals to video arcades... interesting songs in a fantastical, comic bookish sort of sense... there's often a heavy heaping of Hamilton's somewhat dry sarcasm to go along with a lot of the indie bands that come from here

I prefer his old blazer and a spanish guitar shows but don't knock his more flamboyant stage show of present (though the whole thing grew a little old for me some time ago, used to see Chris play every week)... he is a talented player

my favorite enterprise of that crowd was Rainbow Meow (Wax Mannequin, Mayor McCa and Mark Raymond (A Northern Chorus) where they dressed, moved and sang like cats while covering cheesy rock classics... one of those ya had to be there's but it was actually pretty cool

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