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Drum Making


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what a great hobby idea....I think I met you and we played your new drum and my drum together!?!....you were wearing fur pants at Izzy's right?....then we heard other drums and other other drums and I ended up having a mild seizure from a strobe light at the drum circle..(Was this you with the new drum and fur pants?)

Anyhoo....Jimmy the guy you bought your drum from(if that was you) does work shops I believe and I'm pretty sure there are workshops at Wiccafest and other such festivals....If you figure something out I'd love to join you.....I've been talkin with a nitive guy about getting together to learn to make cerimonial(sp) native drums he is interested...if you like the sound of that(drum) you can join me!!Good luck!!

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Yeah, I'm the guy with the new drum and the fur pants... after all, you can't buy a new drum without fur pants!!

Thanks for the info... I will try to track down Jimmy... also, if you do get together with anyone else, let me know, I would love to try it. I am not really picky about what type of instrument I want to create... in fact, I would like to try making several types of percussion instruments. I will let you know if I come across anything else... if not, maybe I'll see ya at the next CTMF.

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