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Basher just called with a Coventry report


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They have been on the off-ramp since 6 pm, and based on what they are hearing on the Bunny (Phish's onsite radio station), they will not be moving until some time tomorrow. He isnt expecting to get into the venue (which they are not far from) until late in the afternoon.

He guessed that there is a 30-50 mile lineup of cars coming from the South. I told him we were thinking of leaving tomorrow evening, he said "Good idea. Its possible that you should wait even longer"

He is going to call with more updates.

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Another update.

They have moved 100 feet since we last spoke. Basher is driving, and getting *drunk as fu©k*

If you know him, you KNOW he doesnt drink and drive. He is sure they will only move a touch here and there. They just listened to the Camden show on The Bunny. Apparently, they cranked it in their car, and had a getto-blaster as well. They were all outside the vehicle, dancing with the other freaks in line, grooving to the groovitude.

I guess they teased Catapult in the first set tonight.

Also, it hasnt rained in 2 hours, which is nice. For those of us coming from Canada, we cut off a TON of traffic. Coming in from the south SUCKS.

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That sounds cool man. I can work on beer..........

So, latest report.

After a 14 hr wait, THEY ARE INSIDE THE VENUE!

The lines are moving to get in again, tractors are at the main gates to tow people in or out. It is REALLY messy and wet in there. Bring rubber boots if you got them. I am not kidding.

Heck, hit Canadian Tire.


We are leaving this evening, so if I dont talk to you, too bad. I plan on getting messy in the slop. Think Johnny Damon with a Rickey Williams buzz.

(I gotta cut my lettuce)

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Excellent! At this point (a few hours from hitting the road, from Montreal) my advice would be:

Go with a 4WD vehicle if at all possible

Two pairs of footwear at least. Hit Canadian Tire for billy boots, like the man said.

Backpack with extra sweater, socks, poncho, tarp etc

On the latest radar map


Things look to be calming down a bit, best-case scenario, we could be in for a replay of IT (roll up at 3:45 p.m. no waiting in line, arrive in time for first set...

The Saturday forecast is sunny/cloudy only 20 to 40% chance of precip, depending on whether you do your weather.com forecast for Coventry, St. Johnsbury or Derby Line, VT (looks like the latter uses data from Environment Canada, and they give the more optimistic forecast).

Sunday, not so good. But we'll just deal with that when/if...

Rain, shine, mud, whatever, bring it on--at least I'm going and the day's finally here. Just finished work, sent off the file, and am starting to get seriously psyched here. Gotta pick up the car from the garage, hit the bank, get US$...

OK, back to packing camping gear...

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