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The Dead cover... Metallica???


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Guest Low Roller

That's a great tune. In fact the entire "black album" is the apex of Metallica's career. Warren is the man for going outside of the 'jamband' bubble, and just play what the hell he wants.

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Don't you mean The Black Album was where Metallica's career went ass up. I mean, it's no Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning. But, maybe you had to be there to know what I mean (MoP tour at maple leaf gardens in '86 was amazing).

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I wish i would of been there to see the four stringed mother fu©ker himself but i would of been 8 in 86 so no go. the black album actually isn't too bad, enter sandman just got way too overplayed but its really a badass rock tune. since ween covered it they've got major street cred yo! justice was where i picked them up and to me that was the shining acheivement in speed metal even without cliffy.

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Palms,I was at that show also.

it ended with and justice for all....

I feel it ended before the commercialism of Justice with MOP.

I got to see the puppets tour in 86,Maple leaf Gardens with Metal church opening that was the last tour I feel they really threw down on.Sadly,Cliff had past on sept.27/86.We got the 6th Canadian date with Newstead on 12-08-86.

Maple Leaf Gardens



Ecstasy Of Gold


Master Of Puppets

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Ride the Lightning

Bass solo


The Thing That Should Not Be

Fade to Black

Seek & Destroy

Creeping Death

The Four Horsemen

Guitar Solo

Am I Evil?

Damage Inc

Fight Fire With Fire


When I seen them on Justice tour in Hamilton here it was 180 degree turn from the shows they put on during puppets.Over produced and arrogant to say the least.

Last Metallica show I saw was at Molson park in Barrie ON with Danzig & Suicidal Tendencies - 06/04/94.

That was a fun show.

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