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Roll Call: JSB @ Mavericks (Ottawa) 8/18


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The Jimmy Swift Band is playing Mavericks in Ottawa tonight (Wednesday, August 18). The show's being sponsored by Alexander Keith's (of "India Pale Ale" fame), but I'm not sure what means, probably prizes and such. There's also an opening act, Caladonia, about whom I know very little.

I'm really undecided on this one. I'm still recovering from the weekend, and (especially with an opening act) I'm sure it'll be a late night, which I really can't handle now. My options are:

  1. don't go
  2. go, but don't tape*
  3. go, and tape

I'm leaning towards option 2, but only with a minimal rig, and probable bailing at set break.

Who else is planning on going?



* Thus wiping out a perfect record of Mavericks attendance for me: I've taped every show I've been to at that bar...

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