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It seems as if the guys from Recipe from a small planet (with the exception of Jason the guitarist) are still playing. They've added a slight twist to the music by mixing it up with the rap stylings of their buddy "blackrose".

It was great to hear the familiar sounds although the rapping changed things quite a bit. If they keep it up, fun times are definatly ahead.

I'd tell you to ask Solar Garlic for his thoughts but apparently he was all twichy like a 15 year old.

more to come.

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recipe were the best band in the scene. i'd be sad to see them go. best biggest sound at evolve last year and they were in the mushroom tent! and i was pretty sober for the entire festival...totally impressed. the tightest band with some of the best songs, the best sound, the smartest arrangements i heard...totally awesome band. i wish i had some shows or the CD...

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