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Roll call for Dream Theater


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I just saw Dream Theater open for Yes in London this past Monday (August 30). It was my third time seeing them and it was the best as well.

I think they are all unbelievably talented musicians, but they don't have too many great songs. I felt that them performing as an opener for a progressive rock band of the stature of Yes, was a great outlet for them. I remember a lot of Yes fans saying how much they enjoyed Dream Theater and how they had never heard of them before that night. I tend to enjoy their progressive side more than their heavy metal side and I got more of the former on Monday night.

Dream Theater performed an the intrumental part of a obscure Yes song off their one album without Jon Anderson. The song was called "Machine Messiah." It was great seeing them pay homage to the headliner.

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Yes was fantastic as always. They performed one long set intead of two and the cut a couple of songs to make room for Dream Theater opening.

The songs Yes cut were "Mind Drive" which I missed, "Turn Of The Century," "Footprints," "The Meating," "Time Is Time," "Show Me," "Rhythm Of Love," "Ritual," "Every Little Thing" (Beatles cover) and "Soon."

The songs they added for the tour with Dream Theater were "Close To The Edge," "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," "Awaken" and "Starship Trooper."

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Is that the same Rose that sold 178 grilled cheese sandwich's at the Clifford Ball?
theres a place you use to go, when you hang out before the show; Grilled cheese for a dollar, maby find some blotter; some nugs before the show- nobudsforbob! (Tail Gate)

Probably, she's sold her share of grilled cheese's, but her claim to fame is her fishie glass pipe bags.

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I was at the London yes, DT show too! With TimmyC (not B) It was great! And being moved from the upper bowl to the lower bowl because of poor attendance was a big bonus! I have some pics. I recorded it... it's a distorted mess though! I don't know why I bother. I'll write a little review in the AM perhaps. Right now I have to go unload some bricks though.

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