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Football pool anyone????


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I was wondering if anyone was interested in getting a skank football pool together. I know the season starts tomorrow but we still have a couple days to get a team in.

Let me know and I'll create a league at sportingnews.com.

I've tried to create a league already but the site is too busy tonight.

If anyone feels ambitiuos at work Thursday feel free to create a league. I won't get home until after dinner to do it.

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oh and swifty thanks for the DEAD show and paying up from the last pool. your the only one that actually payed up! fu©king welchers.


Mine was sent my friend.

Why is it when I send discs to Calgary they seem to never arrive.

PM your address again and I will send another...

After the bullshit with the hockey pools,as mentioned I'm not getting in any pools from this board,I'm in two football ones now anyway.

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