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GMP Productions in Association with House of Blues Concerts Canada are pleased to present moe. Tuesday Nov.9th at the Opera House in Toronto. Tickets are $20.00 Advanced and will be on sale through Ticketmaster Thursday Sept. 23rd. Ticekts For this event will also be available through moe's secure online ticketing. Stay Tuned for more details!!!

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looks ilke i see another Moe show...

maybe they'll finally impress, lol.

Tube. I know what you mean... I saw them 20-30 or more times over the years at different festivals and opening and sh!t. Never got off on it. But then at Bonnaroo a couple back, when Warren came out, all the sudden it hit me. Downloaded that show, still don't have anything else, but I think they are one of those bands that can be hit and miss, and that you get out what you put in for...

Should be fun.

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