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King Cobb Steelie- Zaphod's tonight


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Well, back to issue at hand. Go see this!!


Wednesday, September 15

Related Artists: MORCHEEBA, THE NEW DEAL, METERS, MASSIVE ATTACK, TRICKY, GREYBOY ALLSTARS.It is 15 years since Kevan Byrne and Kevin Lynn formed King Cobb Steelie in Guelph. With their fifth album, Destroy All Codes, hitting the streets, they show no signs of slowing down. A collision of raw analog rhythm tracks and innovative textures that touch on elements of post-rock, dub, mutant disco and Meters-style funk. This dub-wise, electro-funk band has made some of the most interesting Canadian pseudo-pop music for the past decade. Constantly changing and evolving, they have become one of Canada's most respected bands..

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