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i have seen the slip 2 times.

come together and hamilton. Come together was by far one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. That Come Together was really my first festival and it was a life changing experience, it was like diving into a magical lake for the first time and taking that first swim, somthing i will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. I am just curious about the Slip. i didn't hear about ice cream truck until about a few days ago, and I regret not going, so i just wondering how it went.

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yeah jay man, i can probably help ya out some... im lookin at 50 cd's that are just daring me to burn them...

and dima, the ice cream truck was a show that is becoming increasingly harder and harder to describe to people because everytime i think about it i realize how much it actually meant to me, being there, and im not sure that i could put it into the proper words to get people to understand what is was for me. i guess basically it was one of the best damn things i ever experienced.

and that come together show way back when, yeah, thats a gem as well.. im not sure how much its been circulated, its not on Oz or the slipserver i dont think, but its definitely one people should know about and listen to. i put it on for my mom when she asked me why i went to connecticut in her car with no real explanation and she absolutely loved it. del pointed out some great things about that hamilton show to me as well, again, a really solid show... i'd say you've been real lucky, but i dont think they have too many off nights. haha..

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