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The Farm


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I just got back from a week long trip to The Farm in Tennessee. It's an intentional community, that originally started as a hippie commune in 1971, when a caravan of converted schoolbusses following Stephen Gaskin around the US decided to settle and buy a piece of land. (Stephen had been teaching free Monday Night Class in San Francisco for a few years, and when he went on a speaking tour of the country some of his students didn't think they could go without hearing him).

Many women on the caravan were pregnant, and Stephen's wife, Ina May Gaskin, along with some other women, began attending births, and became midwives. I was there for a midwifery workshop, and got to learn from the original midwives who still live there. The place is just full of history. They were some of the first people to bring a vegetarian diet to the mainstream, they got raided by the cops for growing ragweed (the neighbours thought it was pot), and were basically a major seat of hippie culture in the 1970's (and I guess they still are).

I've put my pictures online. If you're ever in Tennessee, this place is an amazing one to visit.

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That is super cool- you can meet the best people in these types of communities.

my mom and number of her friends started one up north called Dragonfly-in Lake St. Peter by Algonquin Park years ago, we lived there for a few years and it still exists today.

I did a number of research projects on Inmtentional communities.

it can be a great way to travel to world and find the most creative and underground individuals.

check out this site.

Intentional Communities Web site, your source for community information since 1994

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