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For Those Who Care: RS Review Of The New Mule


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I think I may take a stab at this album and review it for the Jambands.ca mainpage - I don't have it yet. I'm concerned that there's only a reported 2 up-tempo tunes on the new CD: I don't like the mid-tempo Mule tunes anywhere near as much as fast rockers like Mule, Trane and Bad Little Doggie. Here's the Rolling Stone review, posted today:


Warren Haynes, rock's most valuable player, must have to check his calendar to figure out which band he's in on any given day. If it's Tuesday, it must be the Dead or the Allman Brothers Band (or both). That's both remarkable and -- from the enervated sounds of Deja Voodoo -- a little problematic. Voodoo is slow-burning Southern bar-band music with an angry, haunted edge. There are just two up-tempo rockers -- "Slackjaw Jezebel" and "Mr. Man" -- as Haynes lets most of the songs find their own spooky, churning groove. "About to Rage" is a cogent political diatribe, and the eleven-minute centerpiece, "Silent Scream," contains truly searing guitar solos. Yet for all its intensity, the album lacks some essential spark -- and it sometimes sounds like the hardest-working man in show business needs a break.


(Posted Sep 22, 2004)

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what a crock of sh!t! Bad man Walking, Slackjaw Jezebel, Lola Leave Your Light On and Mr. Man are all up-tempo tunes. I think the album sounds great but I came in with very little expectations. I was a little freaked out by the fact that none of these tunes were played live before the albums release.

Rolling Stone magazine can kiss my ass

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For what it's worth, in my opinion, almost all Mule albums take time to grow on you, like a creeper-buzz. Sure, the Deep End albums were instantly likeable, but in the long run, it's the creeper ones I prefer (and the darker, the better ;)). Strangely, I found the same thing with Phish. (BTW, this comes from a person who has yet to hear the new album).

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