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Roll Call: Metallica w/Godsmack


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Call them sellouts or whatever

They were called sell-outs by some of their long-time hardcore fans with the direction and subsequent commercial success of the Bob Rock produced " Metallica " album ( along with the next couple of releases ), but their latest CD, " St. Anger ", is anything but a sell-out. Speed and thrash metal doesn't usually sell, but this album did sell well. I don't like it, but I certainly respect the musical direction they chose to explore this time out.

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holy sh!t, I already bought a ticket to go see them at the ACC on Oct.6th, did'nt realize they were coming to Hamilton and London and their both way closer to me, they are also smaller venues, with better sound!! (I hate the ACC).....dagnabbit!!

Oh well, I wasn't even planing on goin in the first place, I've seen Metallica 6 times back in the early 90's("And Justice for all", and "The Black Album") but then i ran into some freinds that i don't get too party with very often anymore and they said they had an extra, if I wanted to go, so as usual I said "A Concert?...sure I'll go!! When is it?"

Oh well....it'll be a good party, I havnt seem them live in about 8 years either....

On a side note, St. Anger is a pretty good album, it's alot better than the last few they've done, but damn there's no guitar solos, c'mon Kirk(Hammett)....WTF?

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Idunno...all the speed metal I listened to had tonnes of guitar solos


Testament, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Death Angel, Annihilator, Pantera, Seputura, Slayer etc.

Is that Speed Metal or Thrash??...I always thought they were the same thing..

I agree about the wah pedal by the way

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Metallica rocks. 'Specially live.

Agreed.Although the last show I saw was in 94 with Danzig & Suicidal Tendencies in Barrie and I thought they kicked ass,then again if compared to the '86 show I saw at Maple Leaf gardens then it wasn't so hot.

I doubt I'll go to this one as I'm pretty much lost my flavour for em,but I'm sure it will be a great show,who knows when the day comes if I have any dollars to spare after three nights of Slip maybe I will go.

Count me in for a "maybe" on this roll call.

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I'll be there,looking forward to it myself ahess and I just realized that the Slip shows are 2 weeks prior,so I guess it wouldn't be to hard to pull off.I was thinking the three night run was the 21-23 for some reason.

Still,I'm a maybe on this roll call,to early to tell.

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