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SO I just took about 50 old records from my parents house. My dad has an amazing collection. Doc Watson, Merle, Neil Young, Dylan, Ian and Sylvia, The Band, Grand Funk, Earl Scruggs, Jimi and lots more.

They are used but in good condition. I was thinking about selling them on ebay. I do a lot of selling on ebay but just checked out the records for sale. It looks like the ones being sold are mostly in mint condition, the ones I have are not. They are in good condition but far from mint. Anyone have any suggestions on where to sell them or the price I should be selling them for? I know there are lots of places on Queen street but don't know much about selling records. Can anyone shed some light for me?

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the places on queen will not give you much at all.

on average, they sell vinyl betw 4-20 bucks.

figure on getting 25% of that.

probably not worth it.

no suggestions from me re ebay, i dont use it.

prob better listing em all here, and trying to unload em to us, for a fairer price.

have a jambands.ca silent auction for them, where we send PM's for bids.

did i help?

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I have made a list of all the records I have. Looking to sel all of them.

Jesse Winchester

Let he Rough side drag

Learn to Love

Nothing but a breeze

Gato Barbieri


Chuck Mangoine

Live @ the Hollywood Bowl

Bonnie Dobson

For the Love of Him

Joan Baez

Joan Baez


Ellen McIlwaine

Honky Tonk Angel

Taj Mahal

Satisfied N tickled Too

Mo’ Roots

Janis Joplin and Full Tilt Boogie


Fred Neil

Ry Cooder

Paradise and Lunch

Into the Purple Valley

JJ Cale

Will The Circle Be unbroken

Carole King


Laura Nyro

Eli and the thirteenth Confession

Christmas and the Beads of sweat

Rita Coolidge

Joni Mitchell

Shirley Eikhard

Let me down easy

Songs of Leonard Cohen

Bruce Cockburn

In the Falling dark

Doc Watson

Doc Watson (2 copies)


Doc and Merle Watson

Two days in November

Doc Watson and Son

Doc Watson in Nashville

Murray McLaughlan

Song from the Street

Flat and Scruggs with Doc Watson

Strictly Instrumental

Earl Scruggs

Performing with his Family

Doc Watson and Son

Doc Watson in Nashville

Dan Hill

David Wiffen

Coast to Coast Fever

Bruce Miller

Rude Awakening

Boz Scaggs

Silk Degrees

James Taylor

Mud Slide Slim


Folk song 65

Phil Ochs

On Concert

All the News that’s fit to Sing

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

Going places

Whipped Cream and Other delights

Johnny Mathis


Bob Dylan

Another side of Bob Dylan

The Freewheelin’

John Wesley Harding

Bob Dylan

Nashville Skyline

Bringing it All back home

Ian and Sylvia Tyson

Early morning rain

Northern journey

So Much for Dreaming

Full Circle

Arlo Guthrie

Alice’s Restaurant

The Greenbriar Boys

Greenbriar Boys

Ragged but Right

Better Late than Never

Vassar Clements

Vassar Clements

Buffalo Springfield


Last Time around


Déjà vu

Neil Young


After the Goldrush (No Cover

Dave Mason


Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills 2

David Crosby

If I could only remember my Name

Johnny Winter

The Progressive Blues Experiment



Crazy Horse

At the Crooked Lake

Fred Neil


Cotton in Your Ears

The James Cotton Blues Band

Peter, Paul and Mary

Peter, Paul and Mary

In the Wind

See what tomorrow Brings

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Smash Hits

The London Howlin’ Wolf Session

Big Brother and the Holding Company

Cheap Thrills

The Allman Brothers Band

Brothers and Sisters



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