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Yeah, they are one of my faves too. Saw them in Florida at langerado, great show- mix of old and new. McCrea is one of the best frontmen ever. They make their sets up on the fly, which isnt common enough. The new album is really fun. I think their bass player is one of my favorites in the world. gabriel nelson?

I had tickets to bluesfest, boo... I tried to get tickets to Massey Hall and there was only 3rd tier seats for like 45 bucks.. cant afford that on a tuesday from ottawa. bummer, i hope to see them again for sure. dont forget to keep a setlist for ole monkey man basher!

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Gob and Cake? What a terrible double-bill.

Cake and Soul Coughing, now that would be a double-bill to dream about.

R.I.P. Soul Coughing.

Totally right. Funny because I was listening to both of those bands around the same time and in my mind put them in a pretty similar light. Although they are different.

My only knowledge of Cake is their first album "Fashion Nugget". I didn't really think anyone else liked this guys. But I think FN is a great album. Are their other albums similar?

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I always found Soul Coughing to be very "Cake-esque", too. I've often listened to them one after the other.

I hate to disagree with you gentlemonkey, but I think I like their albums in this descending order:

1. Comfort Eagle

2. Motorcade of Generosity

3. Prolonging the Magic

4. Fashion Nugget

... and I've actually never heard of Pressure Chief. Is that their most recent album? That's cool, because I always felt there wasn't enough Cake out there!

Oh ya. One more thing. It is hard to describe how horrible it was to see Gob open for Cake, but the only way I can describe it is by saying it compared to the time I was forced to sit through Moist before Neil Young.

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