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Jay Funk Dawg

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Yeah that's right... the JSB touring unit makes a special stop in Toronto tonight for a fantastic night of music!!

It's cold, but we're gonna giv'er, GOSH!


The Jimmy Swift Band CD Release Party

with guests King Sunshine

Saturday, January 22, 2004

El Mocambo (downstairs)

464 Spadina (@ College)



Enjoying a cult-like following that can be traced back to their heavy touring schedule (180 live shows in 2002), the Halifax-based band's highly anticipated sophomore album Onward Through The Fog, was just released in June 2003. The CD is an 11-song, independent, all-original recording that features lush sonic textures that weave in and out of tight, danceable grooves. The band released a live album, The Rebirth of Hooch and has a video for their song “Two Hands on the Wheel” in rotation at MuchMusic.

One of the most sought after independent bands in Canada today, The Jimmy Swift Band (JSB) is Craig Mercer (lead guitar, vocals and effects), Mike MacDougall (bass), Aaron Collier (keyboards, effects) and Paul Christian (drums, vocal).

jsb_banner.gifrequest JSB here!

King Sunshine

Digging beneath the surface of a multifaceted mix of genres, King Sunshine delivers what people have been longing for; music with substance, music that recognizes it's disco roots, music that pushes the boundaries in an attempt to reinvent house music and take it to a new exciting level.



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Actually, Jared, you are thinking of the King Sunshine Side Project that played Dead songs with The Gratefully Deadicated Soundsystem last year... it was made of members of King Sunshine and called Mars Hotel.

King Sunshine are a live house.funk band with a 3 piece horn section, two drummers, bass, guitar,keys and soul singer... They really have a great energy and presence. I am very excited about this combination! There are a pile of MP3s online here if you want to hear 'em


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