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I'm a bit out of the loop these days but I went to kevinbreit.com to see if there was a live folkalarm show posted. (found the live tracks and they are sounding sweet!)

Anyways, on the site i just noticed that Sisters Euclid had a few opening dates in November for the Derek Trucks Band in Germany! I'm guessing this has probably already been discussed, possibly at length, but I'm just wondering if there was any collaboration there between Kevin and DT?? (onstage or off?) Long live the Sisters.

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this is correct - I was talking to Rob (Gusevs) one night after their mini-tour and he said they didn't jam :(

Does anyone know of DTB fan sites? At the time of the shows, I thought it would be interesting to tune in to the fan's boards and see if there were any comments about the opening acts!

Thanks as always for the mp3's dave - you haven't perchance emailed Kevin yet have you? :)

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