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next time it's really really cold


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That would have been a nice touch to the Hofmann birthday project ;).

I heard someone once talking about being way, way, way up north and seeing what happened when a freezing fog rolled in (against around -40 or -50 C) - apparently you have an atmosphere of suspended frozen crystals hanging in the air, which you can expect does really interesting things when the sun hits it.

Same guy commented how very important it is to wear natural fibre coats, as synthetics at those temperatures tend to freeze as solid as PVC tubing.

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Yep, this one is a gold mine. A 5 Gallon Bucket of Steamy Water tossed out of a 7th floor window; add some flashlights and you got yourself a party my friend.

Would it be better if you put some multi-coloured metallic confetti in the water before you tossed it out the window, and did it at night?



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