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Internet cafes in Glebe/Centretown ottawa?


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BridgeHead on Bank & Gilmour, BridgeHead on Third avenue in the Glebe just off Bank. They don't have computers but if you have a laptop they do have access.... www.bridgehead.ca ....they gots the coffee you like just ignore the yuppies. Hardly a yuppy to ignore at the Gilmour locA...just lotsa rainbows and other chill folk.

Cafe internett 288 Bank

The planet Flat 226 Bank

Igo Cyber house 223 Bank...these I'm guessing by the addresses are all near parliment and a trek from the Area you seem interested in.

oh yeah...yes the Bridgehead hookup is FREE. :)

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After our office got sent home due to Network outages, the Liver Killers decided to go to the Royal Oak for some pitchers.

Freak By Night hadn't been able to connect with Blane to get his Sens tickets to and eventually joined us. We were sitting there with our beers, and sure enough Blane spotted me through the big window as he timingly was walking past. He had just tried calling FBN 30 seconds earlier.

After sitting down for a while, Blane asked me how my brother was doing. As I was about to open my mouth....Booche and Douglas were walking past the window and saw us with a huge surprise as well.

I'm beginning to think that we are all little programs in Blane's Matrix.

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