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Hamiltonian Jeff Joslin on UFC - 8 pm tonight


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good debut effort... maybe needs to put on a few more pounds to counter those charging bull takedowns... didn't get knocked out or submitted anyways and held his own nicely

liked that the announcers seemed to be pullin for him ("from Hamilton, Ontario... just outside of Toronto in Canada"... yar!)

way to go Jeff

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They listed him as 31 years old, FWIW.

Decent fight. He held his own and lost by unanimous decision (30-27). He was better standing, obviously, and only seemed to be able to play defence on the ground. Joe Rogan had a bunch of nice things to say about him.

Did anyone see the main event? The totally cocky dude got knocked out in the first round. It was pretty great.

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13 years ago I was throwing this guy around the dojo and now I’m hitting the bong. Back in the day our dojo had a competitive relationship with Joslin’s and we always kicked their ass. Mind you the competitions where traditional and I don’t think that would translate very well in a UFC situation. We always thought they were dirty fuckers and I guess it helped.

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