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World's tallest man saves dolphins

Kanada Kev

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World's tallest man saves dolphins

The world's tallest man has been using his long arms to save two dolphins.


Bao Xishun, who is 7ft 9ins, used his arms to reach into the dolphin's stomachs and pull out dangerous plastic shards


Vets at the aquarium in Fushun, north-east China, turned to Mr Bao for help after they were unable to extract the shards.

The heads of the dolphins were held back and towels wrapped around their teeth so Mr Bao was not bitten. He then extended his arm length of 1.06m into the mammals' stomachs.

Chen Lujun, manager of Royal Jidi Ocean World, said the procedure was successful and the dolphins were "in very good condition now".

Mr Bao, 54, was confirmed as the world's tallest living man by Guinness World Records last year, reports the BBC.

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