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bake sale ideas


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so, next week i have a group of students doing bake sales all week to raise money for a trip we're taking in the spring. i am in charge of supervising two of the bake sale days, and i'm expected to bring something to sell. thing is, i don't really bake much.

anyone have some tasty baking ideas which are relatively simple and would appeal to teenagers?

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if you're not into baking might i suggest some NO BAKE christmas cookies? my family makes a huge variety of christmas cookies and i know of at least 3 (mint bites, rum balls (you can use non alcoholic rum flavouring) and white chocolate truffles) off the top of my head that were all easy enough for me to make from age 10 on...if you're interested PM me and i'll send you the recipes.

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Great idea Alexis! There's a lot of no bake desserts out there.

Another easy option is the classic rice crispy square. There's no one that can resist them, right?

Mike's key lime suggestion sounds hard but it's only like three ingredients. Key limes (their zest and juices), condensed milk and a pre-made pie crust IIRC. Fack I love key lime pie.

Good luck Meggo.

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thanks everybody!

in the end i went for the old standard [brownies] because it's the only thing i've made before. not surprisingly, i actually screwed up the first batch. rice krispies were my first choice but someone made them the day before.

our bake sale did very well! $170 over four after-schools.

and that, my friends, is meggo's bake sale experience.


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