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Ontario MPPs - 25% Pay Raise


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It's not what it looks like. There's no political upside for McGuinty on this one. Well John Tory agrees so I guess that's some sort of biparisanship. It just comes down to Queen's Park becoming the farm team for Parliament. It's also meant to combat loss of talent to the private sector. It's still not exorbinant compared to a lot of private sector remuneration.

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I wouldn't do there job for that pay... no bloody way.

And most of them take huge pay cuts to take those jobs.... any "professional" of suit, of which politicians often are, makes more then that in the private sector. Hell principals in our schools make near that.

These people are trusted to run our province. We should pay them enough to make the best people want the job, or at least not stay away from the job.

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