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Liverpool players are pussies


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Hear about that row in Portugal and the cops had to come to their hotel? Hahahaha, fucking pansies.

'At first it seemed like late-night revelry and we knew the Liverpool squad were downstairs. But then things seemed to get out of hand and the police arrived.'

Mr Lover added that he saw one player (believed to be goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek) handcuffed before being released.

He said: 'He kept telling the police how much he loved them, as if he was pleading to be allowed to go free.

'At one point, the police seemed to be slapping him around the face, trying to bring him round and sober him up because he was so drunk. He kept apologising over and over again but the police did not want to know.

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Bellamy fined for attacking teammate

Associated Press

2/19/2007 2:30:03 PM

LONDON (AP) - Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy faces a heavy fine and an uncertain future with the Reds after allegedly attacking teammate John Arne Riise after a night out.

Bellamy will be fined around 80,000 pounds (C$181,695) for the incident, in which he allegedly hit Riise in the legs with a golf club, and could be sold this summer, British newspapers reported Monday.

Bellamy allegedly attacked the Norwegian player early Friday at a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal, according to Sunday's News of the World newspaper, which said the argument stemmed from a karaoke competition.

Liverpool had been on a weeklong training camp in Portugal to prepare for its Champions League match at defending champion FC Barcelona on Wednesday.

Bellamy, who signed with Liverpool from Blackburn in June 2006, could be sold in the off-season. As a replacement, Liverpool has already reportedly agreed to a deal with Bayer Leverkusen to sign striker Andriy Voronin on a four-year contract.

Bellamy has a history of losing his temper. While at Newcastle, the Wales international threw a chair at assistant manager John Carver in 2004 and was fined heavily by manager Graeme Souness for calling him a liar in 2005.

In 2003, Bellamy was fined 750 pounds (C$1,700) by a court for being drunk and disorderly outside a Cardiff nightclub. In November, a Cardiff court cleared Bellamy of assaulting two women in a nightclub in a separate incident.

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez said Sunday he would take action against any players found to have caused trouble. Jermaine Pennant, Jerzy Dudek and Robbie Fowler also reportedly face club sanctions after being accused of being drunk and rowdy.

Benitez said he met with his team Sunday morning "and made it absolutely clear to all of them the responsibilities that come with playing for this club and the way they are expected to conduct themselves both on and off the pitch."

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