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Music mags - Your favourite?


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Dave was at NAMM in Cali and came back with a ton of music magazines. Thats how I discovered Harp.

Harp is incredible, its a mag that just keeps on giv'n. The articles are insanely indepth, they dont subscribe to the "these genres are cool, these aren't." They cover rock, indie, jambands, hiphop equally. A few of the writers also write for Relix.

Mostly its the way the articles are so engaging and deep, and uncensored that I love. Its the way I imagine Rolling Stone was in its early days.

My new favourite mag.

I'd love to know of any other great reads...

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I long for the days of MUSICIAN magazine, and the original vision of the UK's Q Magazine. They were great reading all around.

These days I just pick up a copy of Mojo every once in a while. Maybe a few issues of Rolling Stone per year, but usually more for their non-musical articles. Never read Harp but I shall give it a gander. Magazines like geese!

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Q was tops.

Paste is pretty good now that they give a cd too.

Rolling Stone is way better in the past few years than for most of the 1990's. They are doing some pretty good (though liberally biased) pieces on the war, the economy, environmental issues and they are well researched and written.

Nothing tops the New York Times on Sunday for good reading though. The best $4.50 I spend all week.......

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