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I need a place to go right now


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I am being extremely courageous staying here but the nurses, social workers, rec therapists are too busy to care. They're people pushing paper pushing people. I'm really great in terms of rest and energy I just need a quiet place with good friends literally. I'm going to be homeless again within likely the hour. If anyone has any advice or can offer a hand that would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Luke

Hang tight there till you've got a place to go.

I'm sure we'll be able to arrange something relatively quickly.

Do you just want a place for the afternoon/night?

Maybe be a bit more specific about your plans so folks can see if they can work it. Thing is a lot of people are at work right now and cant help out till later tonight.

Anyone available to help Luke out?


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Sorry to worry everyone. I'm eating a tonne, Mary brought me some great shit, I've got meds, I need to puff just to calm down but no booze at all. I negotiated with a burly black nurse I used to play Rugby against (Lawrence Park vs. Oakwood) that I'd wait for... Dr. Bender to come on at 5:00 so as of say 5:30 I will need to use the one bus ticket in my pocket to go to Guelph which I hate of course. So yes I need a place to chill as of about 5:30 just chill.

I'm really fucking calm you'd probably be all surprised like when did Luke get so quiet. It's just that I've asked for help from.... for instance a social worker who definitely was going to talk to me today now he 'may' be able to fit me in tomorrow. RE: my sprained ankle which is healing well, they couldn't offer a tensor bandage, heat or application because of about 3 levels of bullshit Lie Ability. The best advice was to get someone like Mary to bring me a tensor and apply it herself. I'm in a hospital people. Two tier is here. Your nurse changes daily they're never around, same for social workers, rec therapists everyone. They're just pushing paper - then there's the straigh lunacy and chaos of shit TV and everything. I just need to heal myself and not these sick as fuck whackos and I mean that in the best way. it's just basically straight whacked.

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It's basically as a junkie you lie to alot of people especially yourself. So I made a promise I'm going to keep even if the system is straight fucked - it is in fact straight fucked.

So even if this is the worst place for me I'll wait at least 'til 5:30 - it's a negotiation not an argument. Then I'm out of here and if they try and keep me frankly you wouldn't want to see the blizzard of paper that kung/zero/nero lays on them.

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My advice, start referring to yourself with your actual name online. Given your condition I don't think it is in your better interests to create another alter ego.

Luke is a good man, with a thirst for knowledge and love of music. Me likes Luke. Zero, Kung are a little unconstructive in the debates that are inherent with afforementioned Luke pursuits.

Be well.


PS Are you still writing?

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Me also has likes for Luke. Luke has value and worth and a lot to offer. Luke eats Kung and Zero for breakfast and barfs up a golden horseshoe. Me hopes Luke continues to head in the right direction and commit to making wrong right. To lose Luke would make MarcO sad.

Output relies on input.

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Good advice but you do know that every single indie rock fucker on the planet knows me just as Luke or that Luke guy- you know who I am so I can use the handles - they're my names too and they found me not the other way around.

I basically just said fuck it awhile ago and like look me up if you've got a problem - I'm in the book.

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... I'll tell you though since asking for help it's the best i've felt in years.

so proud to hear you say that

it is one of the most important thing to do as you have friends but not a soul can read you mind

i am sure happy you feel good over asking for help as it looks like you have wonderfull friends that would do what they can to help you in such a rough crisis

keep a daily journal and let that be the first thing you write in it as that will make you feel even better by writing it down on paper

cheers to you

keep walking towards peace

ask for help to let all things that bother you go never to return

be happy

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