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win a pair snoe.down passes


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I hate to split hairs here, but:

Jambands.ca is pleased to offer 2 tickets to this year's SNOE.DOWN in Plattsburg NY

Plattsburgh is definitely not Lake Placid. Regardless of the fact that Lake Placid is much smaller and more scenic than Plattsburgh, and gives off a completely different vibe, they're about an hour away from each other at best. Just wanted to point that out. (Also, Lake Placid's lemon tree is way cooler than Plattsburgh's onion tree).

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I would LOVE to go to this snoe.down. I feel in the perfect shape to try out skiing again. It's been since 1998 since I put on skis, and I was a heavy smoker then that didn't work out.

I lasted from 8 am to 10 am when I had to call it a day. My legs stopped working and I was weezing up a storm.

What better way to enjoy a weekend in the winter? It's only a couple of hours from Ottawa too! Stupid money saving!

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