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Roll CAll: Who's goin and getting excited for snoe.down?


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Can't wait. First time at snow.down and lake placid. We are staying at Maple Leaf Inn. Are you going to be going ot any of the late night shows and if so which ones? I think we want to go to gratefully dedicated sound system and brothers past.



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Damn I wish I could go this year. A rockin' weekend of moe. on my home turf: I can't think of the last time I was this bummed about missing a show. It was far and away the best weekend of music/partying for me last year.

My girlfriend works for the newspaper in Lake Placid and talk to Al Schnier on the phone today, which I thought was pretty rad.

Have fun down there, folks, and show a little love to Lake Placid for me.



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I think we want to go to gratefully dedicated sound system and brothers past.

A quick word of advice: if you want to get to the Brothers Past late night show on Saturday, you'll have to book it, fast, out of the Olympic Center after the show. There is limited capacity at that bar (more of a sports bar with a dance floor than a venue) and a lot of people got shut out last year when uMelt was there on Saturday night.

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Well folks im very excited and happy to say Captainsunshine and I will be going to snoe.down after all !!!:D

Also very excited about the fact that Kindness won over money this time around.. F U money HA !!!:D in yo face...

First we had to cancel our Jam in the Dam trip due to lack of funds... then we were doin the same for our back up plan snoe.down... TILL

MS_Zimmy / This Site / and Karma came to our rescue :) I was online when MS_Zimmy first posted that she couldn't go, she said I was the first to contact her and after much thought decided to give them to the first person that contacted her.

SHE ROCKS people and so does this site :D

We are so out of control excited and so grateful !!!

THANKYOU and see you skanks that are goin in lake acid :)

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Sooooooooooo thankful!! :)

And sooooooooooo excited!!! :o

The amazing, magical weekend has already begun for me thanks to kindness!

It just reassures me that even though my real family is far away, it's phamily like this that's always here.

And phamily is what it's all about this weekend! :crazy:



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