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Cold War Kids/Muse? **video, pics**

Tungsten Gruvsten

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yeah - that was something else. Missed a couple CWK songs standing in line but still got 7-8 songs.....It was good shit, in a sing-a-long know-this-song kinda way....couple new tracks that hint the next album might be great too...

Muse was undeniably the most amazing spectacle of a concert i've seen! The kinda shit that would have Kuroda taking notes on lights, and Pink Floyd wondering if maybe they were holding the right bauer and not the left...these guys trumped the fuck out of my mind. more later...

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Its funny I had never even heard of these guys until a couple of weeks ago when I watched the trailer for 30 days of Night and they used one of there songs near the end...liked the song (Apocolypse Please I think its called)...found out who it was and grabbed the album (Absolution). I like it quite a bit...wish I had been more on the ball and gone to see this show!

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definitely bauer like the skate.

Ok here's the goods!

Cold War Kids - Stood in line outside(8pm ish) and could here them playing - apparently only missed a couple songs. We barreled into the middle of the crowd to find it was packed and hot as hell...pissed the people off around us as the group of 5 of us stood trying to figure out what way was up...finally retreated back a bit to enjoy these guys - straight ahead stage presence, solid playing, it was great fun as all of us were familiar with them and so many songs are friggin favourites. A couple new tunes sounding pretty similar but unique if yaknowaddimean...

A relatively quick soundcheck/break(20 mins?)

we 'prepare' ourselves...

...finally Muse kicks it - and kicks it hard -

I was mesmerized by the light show- No static lights except for blinders - Over 70 moving fixtures - I lost count at one point...

the one thing I noticed was the video/light show seemed like so 'synergized'- when one became prominent the other became support - this sounds more technical than the actual sensation, but sometimes one or the other seems like an afterthought now that they are becoming more common at concerts...and this time it was more like an effective assault.

There were small static cameras placed around the stage that were being mixed into the video madness - warped views from the end of the piano or off the mic stands that's further warped by the, uh guy warping it. Sync'ed video lets lyrics percolate to the surface of the screens while they are awash with everything from swirly colours to 3D animations. Fuggin' heavy duty visuals.

Oh and the music...oh yeah - super heavy at times, clasical piano interludes at others, pulsing synths and pounding beats - it ran the gamut but it was alot more rock/guitar oriented than last time I saw them - doesn't bother me, i'm a bit of a headbanger and the crunchy bits turn my crank.

My buddy gareth was right beside me and took some great pictures and vids - here's the pics, I've got a link to Youtube but it might not stay up too long...



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