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Yo La Tengo?

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

Hey Skanks,

Does anybody listen to Yo La Tengo and/or can offer an opinion on them? I've never managed to find time to listen to them, but I've heard their name mentioned many times across various websites.

They are coming to Brighton in three weeks, and I'm wondering whether they are worth seeing or not...

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Guest Low Roller

I saw Yo La Tengo last night at the Concorde2 in Brighton. The venue was packed fairly tight, which is really good for a Wednesday night.

The opening band failed to show, so everyone hung out in the bar area.

Yo La Tengo started at 9pm and played a two hour set that apprently included some crowd pleasures because there were a lot of cheering going on for most songs. I recognized only a few of them, because I only have latest album.

They did a couple of 10+ minute psychadelic feedback jams, which were the absolute highlights of the evening. It was definitely a shoegazer crowd because people were just standing there in a daze as the waves of noise flowed freely. I closed my eyes and got lost in a bass line more than once.

Their other material did not really stand out all that much, as they could have been any generic indie band. The vocals were really low in the mix and difficult to make out. They also had absolutely no stage presence (except for ocassional feedback freak-outs by the guitarist).

Overall I would rate the show as a 7/10, which equates to "glad I saw them, but would be hard-pressed to see them again."

Next up is Architecture in Helsinki this Sunday!

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