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No tresspassing, I dont care if your 3 yrs old!

Hal Johnson

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So My 3 yr old got kicked out of a playground yesterdsaay because it is private property belonging to a townhouse complex. Problem is it's completely accessible from the walking path beside the complex and we've been going there for a year now. Some dolt of a woman decided to kick us out yesterday because the playground cost them "$50,000.00" and theres a public playground around the corner. Problem is the public playground suck ass. Imagine having to explain to your 3 yr old the concept of private property? He was all like, But daddy, I dont want to go...I had to say, sorry buddy, we have to becaues this lady hates her life that much. If my wife wasnt there I probably would have stayed for the battle, but she was urging me to walk away...

The playground is directly beside the walking path and accessible to anyone, ie no fence.

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There was a sign....but still, the sign was just recently put up. I kinda had a feeling this would happen, but I had since sat and talked with parents of kids that actually live there, so I figured no one really cared. Even still, i cant wrap my head around someone coming out of their house to kick my son of the playground.

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sounds like your kid was pissing in the sandbox and this poor woman was just standing up for her rights ... well, either that, or she is a very bitter person who lost a lot of karma points at the expense of a 3yo.

regardless. she does have that right. but, if you have been "invited" by another resident of the complex, then you would have the right to be there.

good on you for not arguing and making a bad situation worse for your kid :)

edit: besides, wouldn't you think anyone who actually contributed to such a large amount of money spent on a playground would want to see it used? it's not like you were taking away space from someone else.

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