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We Will Rock You...


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Went to see the musical We Will Rock You at the Cannon Theatre in Toronto last night and what a great show it is... Its been held over twice and making waves worldwide...

For anyone that doesnt know it's a fun musical set to the music of Queen. .. Ive never been a huge Queen fan but very familiar with all their music...

The staff gets the crowd worked up to Rock, glowsticks sold in the lobby ( no war was started, I didnt feel it was appropriate) and an incredible cast. The set design, lighting and costumes are so much fun! If you get a chance I highly recommend seeing it while its here... i believe at this time its closing in January...

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Hey guys.

I know it's been a while, but where/how did you get your tickets for this event? I can't seem to find an online site for the canon theatre specifically. There's all these other sites that appear to sell tickets for this show, but they aren't at "face value"... I'd rather not pay for a mark-up... Doesn't appear to be sold through ticketbastard either....

Any ideas? I'm hoping to grab some up for a christmas gift for my ma.

Thanks in advance!

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