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Fri.April 4:Chameleon Project CD RELEASE (Review & Photos)

The Chameleon

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www.nufunk.ca presents…


"..IF IT TAKES ALL NIGHT" CD Release Party


w/ Jamie Kidd, Rollin' Cash, kNeptune

visuals by Siren

Friday, April 4th, 2008 @ Revival Bar

783 College St. W


Doors @ 9:30 pm ... this party WILL take all night until 4 am!

* Only $12 Advance at Soundscapes, Rotate This, Play De Record, Shanti Baba and online at Tickweb.ca & Nufunk.ca

* Advance Guest List is $10 by emailing info@nufunk.ca more info www.nufunk.ca

On Friday, April 4th, Toronto's live electronic, dub-jazz trio The Chameleon Project unveils their 2nd full length album "…if it takes all night" at The Revival Bar (783 Queen St. W, Toronto). Hot on the heels of shows with The New Deal, The Charlie Hunter Trio and with upcoming dates in Canada and the US with Bassnectar (San Francisco), Caspian (Boston), Telepath (North Carolina) and Lazlo Hollyfeld (Buffalo); The Chameleon Project has created an album that will build upon their Canadian underground and cult-following roots and take them to both live & electronic international arenas.

"if it takes all night" CD Release Party on Friday, April 4th will featured 2 sets of CHAMELEON PROJECT and special guests DJs JAMIE KIDD, ROLLIN' CASH, a live pa performance by kNEPTUNE & visuals by SIREN and will be recorded for a free live download.


"..if it takes all night" is the product of the Band's reflective & creative journey which evolved after the departure of bass player Jamie Kidd in 2005. The underground collective was quickly gaining momentum with the 2003 release of "Stereoscopic" and 2005's vinyl-only release "Stereoscopic Remixed." As Jamie Kidd left to follow his passion for producing techno and recording for various electro boutique labels, the band soldiered forward by determination of guitarist/songwriter Josh Laing and drummer/drum programmer Tyrone Cassie. They busied themselves redeveloping, refining and streamlining their sound with several of Toronto's top session and live players. A chance meeting with voracious young bass player from the outskirts of Toronto named Snappy Homefry - who was then known to most as a budding producer/engineer, did The Chameleon Project find their second skin. The new group shared the vision of a hybrid sound that explored the pulsating beats of electronica, the hypnotizing textures of Dub and which also paid tribute to the spontaneity of 70's jazz-funk records. The group set out by rediscovering their collective sound by riding on the momentum of Steroscopic's campus radio airplay and the word of mouth buzz of their often all-night improvisational gigs by touring all over Southern Ontario and venturing occasionally to Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. By 2004 they were already a sought after act on the underground festival and club circuit –performing at OM Festival, NuJazz Festival, Evolve Festival, Come Together Festival and sharing the stage with top underground headliners Steve Kimock Band (California), Brother's Past (Philadelphia), KJ Sawka (Seattle), Wassabi Collective (BC), Dub Trio (NYC), Vorcza Trio (Burlington, VT), Blue Quarter (BC) and many others which has honed the trio into an exciting, engaging and original musical entity.

"if it takes all night" was recorded over a full year of pre-production and recording sessions at Tattoo Studios and Playhouse Studio in Toronto, was produced by Snappy Homefry (Thomas Matheson, Matavaras, and H2O), recorded by Snappy Homefry and Mike Phillips and mastered by Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene) at Lacquer Channel Mastering. Playhouse Studio was the battleground for the album's engineering and where album concept took shape. "I'm really happy with the production and performance on this record, " says Snappy, " the album's title refers to our indulgent and attention to detail methods as we spent many long and late night's getting the playing and sounds just right." " …if it takes all night" is released on Chameleon Project's own imprint Reptile Vision Records and will be available nationally.

The band finally has captured their unique mix of organic and electronic sounds to disc keeping with the band's roots; as demonstrated by the clever and sinister remix work of Jamie Kidd of the Chameleon Project track "Eris" featured as a bonus track on the album.

The Chameleon Project will be joined by Jamie Kidd and also the sounds of dub & downtempo DJ Rollin' Cash, organic folk-tronica wunderkind kNeptune and visualist Siren of the Sumkidz Collective.

Don't miss The Chameleon Project's "... if it takes all night" CD Release on Friday, April 4th. Advance Guest list is $10 by emailing info@nufunk.ca and is $12 Advance at Soundscapes, Rotate This, Play De Record, Shanti Baba and online at Tickweb.ca & nufunk.ca






Jazz for the Brain and groove for the soul is the sonic gift members of The Chameleon Project deliver to their audience. Their sleek and progressive dance music with a thoughtful edge makes the Toronto-based group the perfect festival band as it provides something that will please a diverse crowd of music lovers.

In the music from The Chameleon Project's most recent album, you'll find examples of how urgent and infectious beats meet deep pocket angular grooves that entice the ears to listen and the body to move. However, while this tightly knit trio takes pride in pushing boundaries in their music, they remain melodic and do not alienate their audiences—a pitfall that some improvising can bands fall into. The name of The Chameleon Project is inspired by a creature that uniquely blends into its visual environment. Similarly, through the quality of their musicianship, the trio blends its sound with the people who come to experience it, assuring that no two shows are ever alike.

The sound of The Chameleon Project is deeply rooted in the theoretical and harmonic principles of jazz, along with the propulsive beats and textures of electronica, dub, and funk. Extracting musical innovations from the masters of the past and the vanguards of today, the Chameleon Project distill their disparate influences (like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Grant Green, Miles Davis, Chic, Parliament Funkadelic, The Grateful Dead, Little Feat, and King Tubby, to name a few) into a cohesive sound that delivers exciting soundscapes and invigorating rhythms that are always best when experienced live.

The Chameleon Project is:

Josh Laing: guitar, real-time sampling & effects

Tyrone Caissie: drums & electronic drums

Snappy Homefry: bass

Tribe Magazine has described The Chameleon Project's sound as, "If you were living in a 1970s vision of "the Future" (think Logan's Run, Rollerball or Star Blazers), this is the band that would be playing in the spaceport departure lounge as you prepare to rocket off for a weekend of zero gravity golf."





This story begins after graduating from a highly regarded jazz composition and performance school in the year 2001. While playing in several funk and rock bands, Kidd started experimenting with production, creating his own species of ambient techno using drum machines, FM synthesizers and live bass lines. During this time he also immersed himself in the history of techno and electro allowing his first influences to come from producers such as Amon Tobin, Cari Lekebusch, Matthew Herbert and Monolake. Listening led to obsession and Kidd steadily began to gain a personal understanding of improvisation using turntables, effects, and a computer.

Kidd joined The Chameleon Project in 2002, a live breakbeat/ dub/ drum and bass quartet. Wielded by his bass lines, the group's hybrid of jazz harmonies and propulsive rhythms attracted praise from all parts of Canada. The Chameleon Project released its first album, "Stereoscopic" in two thousand and three, and a year later released their first 12" on Reptile Vision Records, which included a remix by Kidd.

Since 2005, Kidd has released music on Toronto's Thoughtless Music, Halifax based Stratagem-Musik and Belgium's Alfa-Matrix. His well sought after dj sets have been featured on numerous radio shows including Proton Radio, die Maschine, the FreshPage, NetMusique, Vinylslut Radio, and XanuRadio. Jamie's deliciously infectious performances have been featured at many of Canada's foremost electronic events including the Beats, Breaks, and Culture Festival, the Harvest Festival, Eclipse, and the OM Festival as well as for promotional companies including Platform, Tone, Tempo, Fukhouse, Alieninflux, Promise, Make It Funky, Next Offensive, A.D/D. Events and A.F.E. Society.

Kidd has performed alongside some of the world's most diverse and respected artists such as Adam Beyer, Extrawelt, Trentemoller, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Tony Rohr, Dietrich Schoenemann, Alex Under, Rob Hood, and Robert Babicz to name a few. Within Toronto's immense wealth of talent Jamie has distinguished himself among the city's finest including Noah Pred and Kenny Glasgow. Most recently, Kidd has been collaborating with Boshke Beats producer Frederik Hatsav, to form the newest reincarnation of METALOGIC. Together, they produce a fresh driving minimal sound, cut with a growling undertone that leaves you feeling properly assaulted on the dance floor. Their hypnotic 12" ep 'Atom Eater' was released on New York's ADDON in the spring 2007.

Jamie's taste for the unknown and skills as a bassist has inspired him behind the decks and attests for his love of live music. A fetish for bass-heavy pulsating sub textures, dubbed-out effects, and long teasing blends, Kidd hijacks your mind on an impulsive journey in and out of deep unauthorized darkness, and manic but pleasurable innocence.





Rollin' Cash has been making his mark in the Toronto scene for years as part of OM, Sumkidz and Hotpie records his dub funk sound has been a staple of Toronto heads from every scene. Make It Funky is proud to have Rollin open the main room with some dub vibrations and live visuals that will rock your world so come early and find out what everyone is talking about!





kNeptune: bass oriented sound environmentalism. organic down tempo to forest folk-tronica. spreading green over audiences like moss growing on trees, kNeptune spreads bass filled environmental sound activism with a live show sure to rattle some acorns loose. <> <> Over the past few years Mike Soma & friends have been busy exploring the Canadian wilderness and the city, gathering recordings of streams, forests, local wildlife, and good friends. Chopping them into logs and twigs and programming them like beavers building a dam, kNeptune Bring home grown green n dirty beats, grass roots folk n bass, and a love for the great green north to the big city through live performances that will leave you grass stained and covered in soil.






As a Yellow Cosmic Human, Aries ram, and member of the dreamer coalition, Aspa Tzaras, aka. Siren has been producing and organizing mindful, electronic arts events with fellow Sumkidz and other community groups in the Toronto region since 1998 including the well celebrated Om Summer Solstice Festival. Seeking interactive and experimental expressions, Sativa engages in installation art & stage designs as well as DJ and VJ art forms. As a video artist, Siren creates textural imagery for live mixing using a variety of software and gear to output experimental and organic blends for improvised LIVE visual stimulations. She thrives in interactive and collaborative efforts ... having worked with various artists such as renowned Canadian filmmaker and VJ Peter Mettler, photographer and artist Blane Speigel, aka. Blankfoto, and fellow Hot Pie and Sumkidz artists: Elysha Poirier, Jackie Levitt, Jonah K, Rollin' Cash, Toye, Zumba, and Project3Media.

For more information please contact:

Sebastian Cook, Publicist

Composition Music and Communications


ph. 416-567-5016



Jay Cleary, Band Manager / Promoter

360 Degrees Artists & NUFUNK Concerts


ph. 416.877.4075




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You'll have to wait till the release party to get the full finished CD. Alot of attention to detail has gone into the packaging so many will want to get the CD rather than download it from itunes. The band is currently previewing tracks from the new album live - so those who are going to Colling will get a chance to experience it.

party on!

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Here's another teaser to get you warmed up:

Chameleon Project Opening set with The New Deal

Date: December 22, 2007

Venue: The Opera House

Location: Toronto, ON


Pain Killer-->Luxury Fever

Chase The Devil

Pullin' Teeth

Pursue With Happiness-->

Knights of the Jaguar-->

Doctor Who


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align="middle" height="170" width="400"/>

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I would love to be able to make this...but I have a show up here.I think there will be a few new Collingwood fans making the trek though...

Josh said at the beginning of Saturday night that he never thought they would play a place like Collingwood...and then proceeded to recruit a whole room full of virgin ears to The Chameleon Project sound.Good Luck!!

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So Jamie Kidd has told me he is doing and Ableton Live P.A. mash-up to end off the evening! WOW! I'm excited he can really get the dancefloor moving with these type of live mixes.

This really ups the ante and will no doubt be some of the finest groovy/glitchy techno Toronto has seen in a while..

You can listen to one of his mixes here: Jamie Kidd- Penalty for Misue Mix


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With kNeptune (live), DJs Jamie Kidd, Rollin’ Cash, visuals by Siren. Fri, Apr 4. Revival, 783 College. $12 advance tickets at Soundscapes, Rotate This, Play De Record, Shanti Baba, Ticketweb.ca, Nufunk.ca.

Toronto trio The Chameleon Project are on a roll. Having played gigs and festivals across North America and recently opened shows for both The New Deal and The Charlie Hunter Trio, the band have found ever-growing audiences for their live blend of dub, jazz, funk and electronics. Expect even bigger and broader things as they release their second full-length CD, If It Takes All Night, with this celebration featuring support from a number of friends, including original bassist Jamie Kidd.

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