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fun visit at Lauzon's Music


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If you ever get a chance, go visit Lauzon's Music. I popped in yesterday to say hi to papa dave and he gave me a little tour of the coolest additions to their collection. A Moog synth was about $3800 and super amazing. Dave made it sing with only a few keypresses and knob turnings. But the real treasure was the this piece of art. I played some C and Fmaj7 on it. woohoo!

R. Taylor's stash of this extremely rare, highly figured wood came from a famous tree in Honduras' Chicibul jungle. The tree, which was over 100 feet in height and 10 feet in diameter at the base, was felled in 1965, but toppled backwards into a ravine. Even after being cut in half, the log couldn't be pulled out, so it lay untouched for 18 years, until intrepid loggers cut it into quarters with chainsaws and went to incredible lengths — dragging, trucking, and floating the pieces for over 170 miles to an ancient steam-powered sawmill for processing.

R. Taylor has built four guitars with this stunning wood; there are nine remaining sets.

one of these are at Lauzon's.

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